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What was my main project for quite a while, a hardcore punk band called 'The Goonies', has just ended. We meant to record what we had, several originals and a good amount of covers, but that never got around to happening. This is unfortunate, considering I wanted to get more audio submissions or even general material up here, but ah well. C'est la vie, I guess and what can you do. However, in the past several months my other project, Prince of Fingers has been getting better and better. Songs being written, covers being done, and members being added. It started off with just a friend and me jamming blues on acoustic guitars at school, but we've been getting together more often, playing more music, and have a drummer and even a live bassist. However, while we are writing songs every so often, we've dedicated this year to getting covers out of the way. We will mostly be recording and preforming assorted covers, but after that we have tons of material to start up, including the foundations for an entire concept album. Thanks for reading this far, shucks I'm flattered.

Pas de la Punk, mets pourquoi?


2010-02-14 20:39:43 by Imptheshrimp

Recently I've been getting into electronic music and have been making a few tries at it, which weren't very impressive. After a couple weeks of practice, I've gotten some skill or at least idea of what to do and things are starting to sound decent. The first submission I made is somewhat bad because I hadn't quite been doing it for long enough, but it's just a first try and work in progress so yeah.